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Your Private Parts Are Now Public: The Cost Of "Fame"

Any traditionally "famous" person will tell you , there is a cost to fame. It is one every celebrity will tell you there is a learning curve to how much it will cost you, when it will cost you and why it costs you. FAME costs and you pay more for it than "sweat"(Thank you Debbie Allen for the infamous quote).

"FAME" is something every young child desires. It can be as simple as receiving the adoration of parents, teachers and adults we admire all the way to the roaring crowd in the school auditorium or even a few claps in from of your Sunday school class. From the first time you hear the sounds of acceptance you do one of two things:

- you clamor for more: you are now the resident class clown or the star for every role in every play in every scene


- when asked who can dance, you become a two left foot outcast who has no clue as to what dance steps to do or what dance steps to even mean.

Not everyone may want fame, on a large scale, but those that do, they know where and how to find it...THE INTERNET. with millennials going live on IG daily, Gen Y "TikTok"-ing their info every sixty seconds and Gen X still holding on to Facebook like a scared cat, access to the world wide web and its plethora of social media connected platforms can turn anyone into an overnight success if they so choose. Who wouldn't want that? More likes,c licks and shares brings revenue and you never have to leave the comfort of your own "social media studio" built by watching 2 hours of YouTube and hour delivery with prime . All of the years of technical know how, jargon and skills have gone out of the window and now you can do it from home. Yep, that will cost you too and no that is not the "cost" this piece is focused on.

When a piece of social media goes viral several times and the content creator becomes verified it is an exciting moment. It means your content is known, you are a recognizable name and people talk about you off-line, irl aka in real life. Yet, no one ever reads the fine print of fame. That fine print clear states "When you choose to become a public figure, your life now belongs to the public until you learn how to navigate the public so they feel like they know you but you are only sharing the details of you life that anyone can know." Let that sink in a bit.

That's right, fame requires you to go public and have the public know, trust and like you so they can "buy" what ever it is you are selling...PERIODt. If yo want to be rich, you have to sell. If you want to be famous, you have to sell. If you want to rich and famous, guess what? You have to sell!

You are trading your privacy for money. NO matter how much you don't want to believe it, it's just what's so. Remember Princess Diana, Harry's mom? She learned with her life that once she understood that paparazzi would follow her EVERYWHERE. She lost her privacy by becoming famous and she didn't even want the fame.

For those of you who are still clout chasing, residual earning, blue icon verifying, here are three things you need to prepare for:

1. EVERYONE will have an opinion about you. That's just how it is. Even those forks who say "I don't care about them" That, too, is an opinion.

TIP: Recognize it, Understand it. Move the F#$% on!

Opinions will change over time, they're like the weather,

always changing.

2. ACCEPT this may be your life for a minute and you can change it at anytime. Famous today, irrelevant tomorrow. Such is the ebb and flow of fame.

TIP: Discover who "YOU" are. The more time you spend

discovering who you, the less time you have to worry

about what is living in someone else's head.

3. COURTESY is still the best currency. A well placed "Please" and "Thank you"opens many doors, especially what you were not expecting.

TIP: Think of how you would like to be treated and do the

same for your followers. Make them feel special and

wanted. Your fans will follow up with warm smiley

faces, hearts and sharing your content. The more

transparent you are the more connected you are to your


I'm not famous and I do know famous people. The sooner you accept that your public face becomes the only face people "see" you can navigate this time called "Stardom" with some level of sanity. Or you may recognize, this game is not for you. No matter what you choose, live your best life and do it on purpose everyday.

That's D.O.P.E.

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