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Jada Talks August with Will: Does any of that matter?

There has been a buzz in the air even louder than 45 commuting sentences and that Epstein co-hort sleeping in paper wrappings since her arrest. Yep, Jada Pinkett-Smith was dating August Alsina while separated from her husband, Will Smith. So what is the big deal? Let's look...

One thing, that this couple never does is share their personal business with the masses. What you see on Twitter or Instagram are their personal views about the life they live, individually, apart, together or how ever. The Smiths have been a Hollywood power couple for more than 25 years and still going. And then this story. So what happened?

Everyone is trying to answer that question.

Forget COVID-19 or that second stimulus check(my elected officials better vote for that), people are really buzzing about this interlude. How is it that an "entanglement"(Jada's words not mine) that happened about four years ago is now a hot topic in every social distancing party or COVID-19 testing facility. Here's my guess, take a drink because this is going to go down several rabbit holes. let's go!

August Alsina is very junior to Jada Pinkett-Smith. His emotional maturity had not fully developed. He was about 22-23 to Jada's full bloom of womanhood(I will never disclose another woman's age as she has a right to share that herself.) Everything she did with him there was a sense of awe, I imagine. August, with his stardom rising, was just beginning to come into the world discover himself when fame dropped a nasty curve ball at him. He was the dealing with his own health and well-being issues. Hence, when he is receiving support from the Smiths, of course he would develop an Oedipus complex for Jada. That does not mean his emotions were not real. They were to him and not being fully mature(as the brain for human being does mature until 25, Google it).The complexity of those circumstances during that period were tough to handle any yet he managed in front of the world. That shows some true grit, grit right there. Some people break down when their Starbucks order is wrong(I'm not saying who).

Then there is Jada, who admitted that she was not as full of confidence as she thought herself to have. She and Will were possibly divorcing and the separation was 100% REAL. And in front of the world, she has to push herself to be the star versus just begin the woman in obscurity who may possibly, shop her self into debt or eat herself into oblivion. Jada Pinkett-Smith has to navigate if she will still be using a hyphenated last name or not. She is looking at the grief and loss of what she thought she lost in her relationship while navigating her blossoming woman years. Add, on top of that, the lack of self confidence and co-dependency she stated she was dealing with, all she was left with was wanting to feel good. Who wouldn't?

Yet none of that answers the question, why now? I believe the answer is this, are you ready?

WHO CARES? It could have been now or 100 years from now, none of it would make a real difference in fighting off this corona virus which is claiming lives like the woman in the BINGO hall knocking that dabber mallet(yes, it is a thing.) What it did provide for many is a break from the doom and gloom of a failing economy, loss of lives, and the abysmal summer were are in right now. Yet for a brief shimmering moment, this bit of juice gave all of us a glimmer of days pass when a spot of "tea" made you say "Dayum Gina! Glad that wasn't me."